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IceBound is a classic point and click game that focuses around exploration and story. The mechanics were inspired from classic Lucasarts and Sierra games. The game has four different explorable ‘levels’, with systems coded for movement, inventory, chat boxes, audio, and events. All the assets, including music, models, code, and textures were made by me. Sound effects were used under creative commons licenses, and were the only asset not handmade. Programs used: Unity 2D, Blender, Inkscape, and Bosca Ceiol. The game was made for the TigerDev 2018 Winter Game Jam.

-There is a minor bug between switching screens, if you get stuck between levels walk towards the center and then try switching again.

Install instructions

Included with the download is a design document and game logo. After unzipping, simply double-click the .exe to run the game.


IceBound 19 MB

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